A Look at the Branding Behind Al Gore’s New ‘We’


In case you missed it on Sunday, make sure you check out Steven Heller‘s full discussion of the branding behind Al Gore‘s new environmental campaign, led by the Richmond-based, the Martin Agency. It’s a great read, both with Heller talking to Brian Collins, the creator of the new logo being used in the campaign, about why he designed what he did, but also getting into all the gritty details, pulling out the typography, the color, the shape, etc. Here’s a bit:

Typography Mr. Collins said he was interested in achieving the clarity of 1960’s Swiss/Modernist poster design. But those characteristic typefaces, like Helvetica, were very cold. A typographer, Chester Jenkins, was asked to create a new typeface for the alliance’s campaign. Mr. Collins said he wanted a typeface that was “friendlier” than that of the Swiss posters. The new typeface, with small, more rounded gestures, is a little bit quirky, but has a curiously warm appearance, too. Moreover, the letter ‘w’ clearly look like an upside down ‘m’.