“A Little Earthquake” on Set of MTP

The set of Sunday’s MTP’s special edition in Los Angeles today was beautiful, in earth-tones and with a roaring fireplace.

All was well until host David Gregory posed his last question for California Gov. Arnold Schrwarzenegger: Final question, what’s ahead for Arnold Schwarzenegger, is it politics or is it Hollywood?

Just then, a picture on the wall behind them to the left of Schwarzenegger’s head fell to the floor with a big, loud, snapping, popping sound.

Neither gentleman flinched.

“Pay no attention, it’s just a little earthquake,” the governor said.
Gregory laughed, “When you speak things happen, yeah…”
More laughter.
“See in California when there’s a noise a governor never shakes or worries about it because earthquakes happen all the time,” Schwarzenegger added.
Gregory: I’m an L.A. guy you think I would have….” (his voice trails off).

The interview went on without a hitch.

Will Schwarzenegger continue in politics?
His reply: Well, you never say never, but there are no plans. Period.