A ‘Lesson’ in Journalism

Think you know what you’re doing in this journalism game? You’re wrong. Don’t believe me? Just check out this video from aspiring video journalist, Luke Rudkowdski, with WeAreChange.Org. The tape, bizarrely titled “ABC News Jake Tapper Journalism 101”, is cobbled together with all the finesse of a homemade sex tape. It’s grainy, blurry and I feel like a need to take a shower after watching it.

Here, Luke shows you how to properly crash a Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) event to get a question answered. I’ll paraphrase his technique for you. Run like a maniac down a hall, push your way to the front of a press line, whisper a dumb question about Bilderbergs, then act like you got what you wanted when your subject completely ignores you. That sound about right? Like a hormonal teenager, he is so excited having asked this question, that he follows Rubio to ask the question again. This time a little louder, but he still gets no response. When Rubio starts moving to yet another area, the film crew slides through the crowd with the subtlety and discretion of a falling redwood tree. They stick out of the crowd like a severed limb on white linens. This gives Rudkowdski one final chance to question Rubio on Bilderbergs. Rubio again ignores him while his handlers look at the ” journalist” like he just had vomited up a unicorn.

This leads him to grab his cameraman and make a run for the exit while chortling about what a great job he did. He declares, “This is how you do a confrontation and this is how you get your question asked!” Wait, that was a victory? As he’s making a run for it, he can’t help but giggle at the helpless mainstream media who “are still looking” for Rubio.

The whole video is equal parts sad and charming. Kind of like watching a baby who has been dropped on his head try and take his first steps. One thing is for sure. If this is the future of journalism, the Mayans may have been right. Check out the whole video below.