A Guy Bites Off Another Man’s Finger at a Health Care Reform Vigil

Yes. In Thousand Oaks at a vigil for health care reform last night two guys got into a fight. One was for health care reform, one was opposed. So what better way to make a point about how the health care system needs reform, than by biting off your opponent’s body parts.

Karoli over at DrumsnWhistles witness the event, she reports:

The man in the orange shirt hit the pro-reform guy (I’m going to call him PR Guy just to keep the players straight). Hard. ( tweeted in real time) He punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground and into that thruway. As you can see from the photo, cars drive straight through that without stopping. The pro-reform guy could have been run over. He got up, tried to get back up on the curb, but Orange Shirt guy was in his face. Finger in his face, PR Guy standing, steps up to the curb, and there’s a scuffle. Orange shirt seemed to have PR Guy in a hold, but again, I was across the street, so won’t state that as absolute fact. Next thing I see is PR Guy’s hat being tossed into the street, both yelling at one another, then Orange shirt walks away, PR Guy picks up hat and crosses to our side.

When he gets to our side, he tells a story in one sentence: “He punched me hard, straight in the face, so I bit his finger off.”

Dude! What is wrong with this guy?! Did he go to the Mike Tyson school of debate?!

Best thing about this story: the guy who got his finger chewed off who’s AGAINST reform – he’s 65 years old, which means he’s mostly likely on – wait for it – the government run Medicare. Good thing he’s eligible for socialized medicine too since otherwise he’d have a huge medical bill.

Check out KTLA’s picture with the news piece.

Hat tip to Andrew Malcolm at Top of the Ticket.