A Fuego/Frio Update (And Critique)

In the most recent installment of TBD Editor Erik Wemple’s breathless Fuego/Frio feature criticizes WaPo’s Ready to Rent section for saying H Street is about to get red hot, and gives Washington Examiner‘s Yeas & Nays a big fat Frio for an item about the Washington Capital’s Alexander Ovechkin eating pizza and pasta at Cafe Milano. “He just like ate some pasta? …Maybe if he’s dining with Sally Quinn. …but that’s a terrible story,” says Erik. He also gets on the Downtowner for spelling Robert Allbritton’s surname wrong in a story on TBD (they spelled it Albritton).

He’s right, of course. Who cares what Ovechkin was eating unless he’s having a food fight?

But we have a Frio of our own for Fuego/Frio. Please stop letting anchor Morris Jones (pictured here) do the introduction in the manner he does. This isn’t the Johnny Carson show. The “Heeeeeerrrr’s Erik” intro, complete with dorky pointer fingers, is a stale and Leave it to Beaverish beginning to an otherwise entertaining feature.

Explanation to readers: The reason this post read Roger Allbritton earlier as opposed to Robert is because the Downtowner originally called him Roger Albritton [sic]. We’ve changed it because this wasn’t clear in the way it was written.