A FishbowlLA contest: Guess the total Pellicano-related public legal liability

Nikki Finke reports that lawyers are hovering around the alleged victims of Anthony Pellicano’s alleged wire-tapping. Just to avoid any possible libel suit, I’m going to type ‘alleged’ a few more times. Alleged alleged alleged. That should do it.

We’re soliciting guesses as to how much the cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are going to be sued for, given the alleged complicity of their police departments (and possibly, other officials) in the illegal records-gathering that Pellicano is accused of, along with the wire-tapping.

Think of this as the contemporary version of the how-many-gumballs-are-in-the-machine contest. We’ll give a prize of some sort, once we know the answer, which won’t be for a while. Meanwhile, we’ll print your guesses.

Email us here. Let us know if you want to be anonymous.