A Bright Future, Yet We Use a Dark Photo (Go Figure)


Is every movement at London’s Design Museum the thing we follow so closely it hurts? Aparently so, because here’s a little bit more info about the changing of the guard, as the museum takes on the mighty new director, Deyan Sudjic. This time, it’s from the Design Council site, which chimes in with info about the momentum of the museum and what Sudjic is stepping into. Only time will tell. Though the more we read, the more we’re of the opinion that he’ll be a far better fit. Here’s some:

Sudjic will not only benefit from an enhanced central London exhibition space to host touring exhibitions as well as newly curated shows, but additional galleries to exhibit a greater proportion of the museum’s enormous – and largely unseen – collection of twentieth century design.

There should also be the potential for new retail spaces, shifting the emphasis from self-consciously ‘designed’ gadgets and gizmos towards objects and applications that demonstrate the very best in contemporary products.