A Boss That Believes In ‘Re-Recruiting’ Every Day

It’s possible that the The Limited president Linda Heasley is the awesomest boss ever.

In an interview with Adam Bryant of the New York Times, Heasley explains her employee retention strategy, which is: let them leave.

I encourage people: “Go out and find out what the market bears. You should do that and then come back and help me figure out what you need in your development that you’re not getting, because we owe you that.” I’ve been told by my associates that’s a countercultural approach to leadership: “You’re telling me to go look for another job?” But my point is that I should be able to re-recruit them. I should be able to get them convinced that this is the best opportunity for them. That’s my philosophy.

If it really is that great of a place to work, wow.

Of course, the company isn’t hiring anyone new in design or marketing right now…which might be explained by the lack of turnover, but just smacks of unfair.