The 50 Most Read Technology Stories on in 2016

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As we wind down for the holidays, we're looking back at the stories that were most popular among readers over the course of the year. Today, we look at stories from our Technology channel.

50. Facebook Vertical Video Ads Just Went Live and Are Evidently Producing Great Results

49. Instagram Is Finally Letting Users Zoom In on Photos and Videos

48. Instagram Is Now Giving Small Businesses a Dashboard Full of Data About Their Posts

47. Foursquare's Potentially Game-Changing New Tool Can Measure Foot Traffic Generated by Digital Ads

46. Here's What Gen Z and Millennials Love and Hate About Instagram and Snapchat

45. Hillary Clinton Laughs as Benghazi Burns in Donald Trump's Eerie Instagram Ad

44. Brands Can Now Create Interactive Video Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

43. Facebook Is Changing Its News Feed Algorithm to Focus Less on Publishers' Content

42. This Mobile App Pays You for Your Selfies While Giving Custom Data to Brands

41. How Tasty's Addictive Cooking Videos Helped BuzzFeed Build a Food Empire

40. Netflix's Outdoor Ads Let Snapchat Users Swap Faces With Characters Like Frank Underwood

39. You Can Now Manage Accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger Via One App

38. Snapchat's Redesign Is Aimed at Attracting More Eyeballs for Publishers and Brands

37. Drake's iTunes Sales Shot Up 431 Percent After Taylor Swift's Memorable Apple Music Ad

36. L'Oréal Will Add Makeup to Selfies as the First Beauty Brand Snapchat Lens

35. Snapchat Adds 4 New Features, Including Much-Requested Group Chat

34. Snapchat Advertising Data Reveals What Kinds of Brands Have Bought Into the App

33. This Agency Is 30% More Productive Since It Started Using Chat Software to Connect With Clients

32. This Yogurt Brand Found a Clever Workaround to Get in Front of Pokemon Go Players

31. Google Says These 5 Food Trends Are Sweeping America

30. How a Sweet, Simple Instagram Photo Gave Rise to a Sweeping Global Travel Brand

29. Starbucks' Off-Menu Rainbow-Colored Drinks Are Lighting Up Instagram

28. Pokemon Go Is Inspiring Small Retailers. So Has Augmented Reality Gone Mainstream?

27. These 11 Brands Are Already Using Instagram's New Zoom Feature

26. Poo-Pourri's New Viral Video Gives You Tips on How to Poop at a Party

25. Facebook Will Track Whether Ads Lead to Store Visits and Offline Purchases

24. Snap Inc.'s Spectacles Are Dropping Today in These Crazy Cool Vending Machines

23. Why a Mainstream Fashion Advertiser Like Diesel Decided to Go Big on Pornhub

22. Hillary Clinton Just Told Trump to Delete His Twitter Account, and Her Tweet Is Blowing Up

21. Taco Bell's Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens Was Viewed 224 Million Times

20. 3 Waves of Cyberattacks Brought Down Twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, NYT and Other Sites

19. How Kylie Jenner Built a Sprawling Audience, and a Booming Brand, at Age 18

18. Snapchat Is Running Sneakily Fun Billboard Ads That Only Its Users Will Understand

17. What Instagram's New Algorithm Could Mean for Agencies and Brands

16. What Ad Buyers Really Think About Google, Facebook, Twitter and Everything in Between

15. Selena Gomez's Social Media Posts Are Evidently Worth $550,000 Apiece

14. 20 Content Creators Who Are Setting the Bar for Creativity in 2016

13. 8 Takeaways From Facebook's F8: Mark Zuckerberg Reveals the Company's 10-Year Plan

12. BuzzFeed Launches New Ad Format to Further Monetize Its Big Social Reach