5 Tips for working outside of the office

Working in the multimedia or online section sometimes means being able to work from a laptop outside of the office, from home or on the road. Here are some tips to facilitate a good workflow when working away from the office:

Look for the nearest coffee shop

If you’re on the road a lot, chances are there is a Starbucks or three near you (that goes double if you’re in Seattle). Say what you want about their coffee but their wireless internet access is very reliable. It’s worth investing in a monthly plan if you plan to use it a lot (that is until the free version kicks in everywhere). T-Mobile Hotspot wi-fi is available at coffeehouses and airports across the nation. If you’re not down with Starbucks, you can also use the free wi-fi at Panera Bread or any other locale by using an online wi-fi finder.

Pump up the Beethoven

Classical music is great for improving memory and allows the mind to wander and be creative and also drowns out the noise in a less than quiet environment. Most classical pieces are also long, so there is more of an opportunity to get lost in the music. Start off with Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” or Andrea Bocelli’s “Con te Partiro” to get you in the mood for work.

Hold on to that thumb drive

USB thumb drives are great for transporting files between computers and are growing exponentially in disk size. But the little buggers are also very easy to lose, so its best to keep it on a keychain and make sure to keep a back up of all files you plan to transport on your computer.

Dress for success

If you’re not actually going into the office, its easy to throw on a pair of sweat pants and an old college t-shirt, but it doesn’t help to put you in a work mindframe. Putting on work clothes outside of the office helps maintain an attitude that, yes, there is work to be done.

Get outside!

Laptop owners aren’t limited to using coffee shops. Become one with nature and find a scenic, but shady park to work from. The foliage might just inspire your next great project. If you’re unfortunately still tethered to a cubicle, it’s time to discuss having a couple of out of the office days. You can only be so creative when surrounded by four walls.