5 Local Blogs You Should Read

There’s more to DC media than the Cables and the Bezos Post, you just have to look a little harder to find it. Check out these excellent local blogs for a fresh look at This Town.

The Houndstooth: DC ain’t as ugly as it used to be, y’all. Want proof? Check out the pretty, pretty people on this fashion blog. Especially useful for Hill staffers forced to stare at wrinkled, fat, white men all day.

Prince of Petworth: Ever wonder who, exactly, it was that got shot behind your house last night? Or maybe you’re wondering if someone will finally do something about the long lines at the Columbia Heights Giant? Either way, hit up the undisputed King, err, Prince of hyper-local media in DC. POPville is the place to go to find out what’s happening north of K St and south of Independence.

Monumental Thoughts: written by sports reporter/DC tour guide Rick Snyder, this blog is dedicated to that other most important industry in Washington, tourism. Rick isn’t afraid to wade in to politics though, when it affects his beloved monuments. He had a few choice words for Rep. Randy Neugebauer during the WWII Memorial closure. And don’t even get him started on that crazy lady who threw paint on Lincoln’s feet. 

We Love DC: For the bon vivants, the art lovers, and the drunks, DC hasn’t always been an easy place to live. But nowadays the theatres are busy, the art is plentiful (though not always good), and at least some liquor stores are open past 10:00. Plus there’s We Love DC to help you navigate it all. Imagine Brightest Young Things, but with less herpes.

Greater Greater Washington: For the urban planning wonk in all of us. This blog is always brimming with good ideas to make our nation’s capital a better place to live and work. If you obsess over things like “walkability” and the Heights of Buildings Act (nerd!)  this place is for you.