5 Brands Testing Foursquare’s New Ads Gallery


Free Pastry From Whole Foods

Patrons to this natural foods giant may find themselves saying “miam miam” after checking in for a complimentary croissant.


Check In…And Go USA!

JCPenney hopes to tap Foursquare users’ enthusiasm for the London Games, offering a commemorative TV shirt that pitches a little American pride.


Road-Trippers Delight

Summer’s always a hot time for car rentals, so consumers certainly may take notice of saving a chunk of change from this Hertz check-in special.


Rebate Check-Ins Just In Time For Back To School

Attention Old Navy shoppers, there’s $15 in your phone. The major clothier is offering 20 percent discounts for what amounts to four or five girls/boys school outfits as parents start planning for the fall.


Tepid Fitness Newbies Alert

Joining a gym takes—for most folks—equal portions self-talk and outside encouragement. Crunch Fitness is using Foursquare for the latter, awarding exercise toe-dippers a week of complimentary workouts for a single check-in.

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