Marijuana Mag Rolls First-Ever 3D Issue

A truly ground-breaking media moment is about to occur at SoCal 7-Elevens, Whole Food Markets and other alternative retailers. Tomorrow, in advance of the holiest of hemp holidays, The 420 Times will unveil its first-ever 3D issue.

This month’s issue comes with a pair of 3D glasses and features much more than just the above 3D cover. There are also photos inside that look best when wearing the specs, showing everything from a grow room to electron microscope shots of bud. Even some of the issue’s advertisers took advantage of the theme to also incorporate 3D into their ads.

“This issue is pretty fun, to say the least,” Burbank-based editor Dave Brian tells FishbowlLA via email. “And fair warning to the LA Press Club. We will be submitting this issue for their awards show next year. We think it’s probably the most creative thing for a “home-grown” publication to do.”

For now, 3D is the extent of the magazine’s historic publishing efforts, but only because printing technologies have not quite caught up with one of Brian’s other brain waves. “We thought also about doing a “rolling paper” issue component, and took some steps to see what we could do,” Brian tells us. “We can’t print on it, but we could do a watermark on it. The only problem is that there’s no way to staple it to the cover.”

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