4 Ways To Get Paid To Tweet

We didn’t even know there was one way to get paid to Tweet, until PaidContent.org reported on a new player on the pay-Tweet scene.

Super Chirp is a new service that allows twits to set a subscription fee between $.99 and $9.99 a month (why not just say $1-$10, guys? C’mon now). For that monthly fee, followers get special, exclusive direct messages.

PaidContent suggests that a Twitlebrity like Shaq could get just 1 percent of his followers to pony up a buck a month to make over 100 G’s this year. But even if you’re not Shaq, the possibilities are wide open: Coupons for a shopping site? Exclusive content from writers from a news site? Secret passphrases for an ARG promoting a new game?

There’s also TwitPub, Be A Magpie (which inserts ads into your Twitter stream), and Izea’s soon-to-launch Pay-Per-Tweet, which would require high-profile Twitterers to post “sponsored Tweets.”

Hmm on that last one. But still.