335 Magazines Launched in 2008 And Other Observations on the Future

The magazine industry may be dying a slow death, but there will always be those that see opportunity. In Folio:‘s annual magazine and media predictions* story, Wired.com senior editor Dylan Tweney points out, “In 2008, an amazing 335 new magazines launched, despite looming economic storm clouds.”

Furthermore, Tweney sees more mags launched in 2009: “We’ll see even more magazine startups, as entrepreneurs with funding (or un-maxed-out credit cards) seize the twin opportunities of cheap journalistic labor and lower competitive barriers to start up publications of their own.”

It won’t be an easy ride, however, and “anyone launching a publication in 2009 better have deep enough pockets to ride out a year or two of very thin revenues,” Tweney says.

After the jump, we highlight some of the best predictions.

“Traditional media will rally around mobile, video, and social networking — driving continued growth — and proof of performance media metrics across all platforms will be even more critical.” — Jessica Sibley

“Magazines will suddenly realize that only video will save their businesses, and will begin to flood their websites with a deluge of bad video. … By the end of the year, the phrase ‘a face made for radio’ will be supplanted by ‘a face made for print.'” — Jim Louderback

“Bloody turf battles will break out in Starbucks as freelancers go to war over their favorite club chairs.” — Aaron Gell

“It’s going to get BAD! Really bad!” — Mark A. Newman

“6. Steve Madden’s promotion will ultimately hurt Bicycling. That is, the sport and the magazine.
7. Tina Johnson’s leaving Women’s Health will do the same, or Dave Zinczencko will get married and learn from his wife he can’t edit a woman’s magazine.
8. Radar will try to rise from the ashes once more, but first will relaunch as a Web site focusing on award season specials only.” — Kyle du Ford

* Full disclosure: Former FishbowlNY-er Dylan Stableford puts this list together every year.