3121: My Excellent Adventure

3121 computers.jpg

Last night, the National Journal Group celebrated the official launch of 3121, a social network of sorts for congressional staff and members. The invite-only fete was held in the rotunda of the Ronald Reagan Center and after a slew of strange obstacles and a run-in with Jill Biden (more on that after the jump), my excellent adventure ended there.

The event featured a log-in bar where staffers could claim their profiles, a photo booth for snapping profile pics and plenty of booze. FishbowlDC was lucky enough to get a full demo of 3121; which to my surprise seemed quite useful and user-friendly.

We’re told the collaboration tool/directory houses roughly 9,000 profiles – 4,500 were released and 500 were claimed by the end of day one (yesterday). The remaining 4,500 will be rolled out today; offering all members and hill staffers access to network.

For more information about 3121, click here.

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National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Brian Walsh and Christine Mangi from Sen. Murkowski’s office

My fantastic voyage to the 3121 party after the jump.

My excellent adventure through pictures:

After trying to explain to the parking garage guard that he could check my trunk but that he would only find my roof in there, I popped the trunk anyhow. “Oh, it’s like a retractable hard shell,” he said before allowing me to proceed.

Once in the garage, we chose the closest staircase to the car and proceeded up to the main level. Unfortunately, we ended up in a service hallway where a friendly waiter directed us to the kitchen to pick up our uniforms. “No, we’re here for the event. Where is the event?” He pointed through a set of doors, passed a table of pastry chefs and rows of plated food.

We finally got out of the kitchen just in time to stand next to Jill Biden who was being called up on stage to speak at a black-tie event.

3121 jill biden.jpg

I snapped the above photo on our way out of the wrong event before asking a friendly building guard which way to the National Journal event. He directed me here:

3121 still trying.jpg

After deciding that this event was probably the most anti-social social networking event ever, I proceeded to a map.

3121 map.jpg

Finally, we were greeted by National Journal’s David Miller and invited into the party where for some reason or another, a local fashion blogger; (who I’ve known for years as someone other than Marilyn Clark) wearing giant red sunglasses, introduced herself to me as Marilyn Clark and then asked to take my picture. Strange.

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