3 Twitter Chats To Connect With Fellow Journalists

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you may notice that at certain points during the week your feed becomes peppered with mysterious journalism-related hashtags posted by your fellow media peers. You’re not imagining this oddity; you’re probably just witnessing a Twitter chat in action.

Twitter chats are typically hosted by a certain feed or user, who poses questions that any user can chime in and answer. You can join the chat by @ replying the question asker and/or appending the assigned hashtag. To keep track of the conversation, simply follow the search for the chat’s hashtag. Several of these chats are designed for journalists to talk about the tools and tricks of the trade throughout the week. Below are three chats to participate in if you’re looking to connect with fellow journalists.

What: #journchat
When: Mondays at 8pm EST

Started in November 2008 by PR maven Sarah Evans, #journchat is one of the first and largest journalism-related chats to crop up on Twitter. According to the blog, the mission of #journchat is “to keep an ongoing, open dialogue between journalists, bloggers and public relations professionals.” The chat is still going strong almost three years in.

What: #wjchat
When: Wednesday at 8pm EST

While anyone with a Twitter account can join a chat, #wjchat is focused on the conversation surrounding web journalism. Typically hosted by a different web journalist each week, the chat is a great resource for bloggers and digital reporters to connect with each other, as well as for print writers hoping to gain some insight into the world of web journalism.

What: #jrcchat
When: Wednesdays at 12pm EST

#jrcchat is hosted weekly by the Journal Register Company’s ideaLab, a group comprised of a variety of news futurist thinkers from around the country. Each week focuses on a digital media topic set to provoke dialogue around the future of news. The group also records and archives their chats for those who can’t participate during the workday.

For more information on other chats, check out this comprehensive Twitter Chat Schedule.