21 Free Online Photo Editing Tools

When Photoshop, GIMP or similar image editing programs aren’t an option, there are more than a few online alternatives that will help make simple changes to your photos and images. No wacky morphing tools here; just the features journalists need.

1. Fotoflexer/Photobucket

Crop; resize; rotate; flip; hue/saturation/lightness; contrast; various Photoshop-like effects

2. Photoshop Express

Requires free registration; 2 GB storage; crop; rotate; resize; auto correct; exposure correction; red-eye removal; retouching; saturation; white balance; sharpen; color correction; various other effects

3. Picnik

“Auto-fix”; rotate; crop; resize; exposure correction; color correction; sharpen; red-eye correction

4. Pic Resize

Resize; crop; rotate; brightness/contrast; conversion; other effects

5. Snipshot

Resize; crop; enhancement features; exposure, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness correction; rotate; grayscale

6. rsizr

For quick cropping and resizing

7. EasyCropper

For quick cropping and resizing

8. Pixenate

Enhancement features; crop; resize; rotate; color effects

9. Splashup

Requires free registration; Flash-based interface; resize; crop; layers; flip; sharpen; blur; color effects; special effects

10. FlauntR

Requires free registration; resize; rotate; crop; various effects

11. LunaPic

Similar to Microsoft Paint; many features including crop, scale and rotate

12. Wiredness

Resize; crop; exposure correction; rotate; flip; color effects; brightness/contrast; sharpen; blur

13. 72photos

Requires free registration; 200 MB storage space; rotate; crop; effects including blur; picture enhancement

14. myImager.com

Resize; crop; rotate; flip; brightness/contrast, color adjustment; sharpen; blur; various effects; line drawing; border

15. Cellsea

Resize; crop; rotate; flip; blur; sharpen; color effects; various effects

16. VicImager

Resize; flip; mirror; rotate; brightness/contrast, color adjustment; conversion; various effects

17. Onlinephototool.com

Similar to Microsoft Paint; many features including resize, crop, and filters

18. Online Image Editor

File conversion; crop; rotate; flip; color correction; border

19. Piccyfix

Rotate; flip; crop; colorize/tint; brightness; contrast; various effects; border; resize

20. pixer.us

Resize; crop; rotate; flip; brightness & contrast; saturation; color effects; blur, sharpen

21. FixPicture.org

Resize; crop; rotate; mirror effect; adjust brightness, contrast; various effects including sharpen and grayscale