A Rough Morning for the Golden Globes

Live stream hiccups, a mislabeling and a mispronunciation.

The live stream for this morning’s announcement of the 73rd Annual Golden Globes nominees was as spry as a 73-year-old. (No offense intended to Harrison Ford, Barbra Streisand et al.) Sound was spotty and, especially during the first half of the proceedings, the feed inconsistent. Web broadcast problems during the second half of this morning’s press conference were not as critical, as the morning network TV shows did their usual live drop-in.

Someone at the @goldenglobes Twitter feed controls also evidently didn’t have enough coffee prior to the event’s early PT time. Instead of America Ferrara, they woke up a room full of journalists by identifying the first of four participating celebrities as Gina Rodriguez.


On the plus side, Rodriguez is among this morning’s nominees.

Finally, though it is admittedly a tough set of syllables, Dennis Quaid pronounced Brooklyn star Saoirse Ronan’s first name as “Shee-sha” instead of the appropriate “Seer-sha.” As Ryan Gosling reminded at the recent Hollywood Film Awards, it rhymes with inertia.

And of course, despite this morning’s revelations, The Martian still does not qualify as a comedy. Full list of 2016 nominations here.