Latest Found Footage Festival Features Blast from LA’s Public Access Past

The 2012 Found Footage Festival road show kicks off tonight in Arlington, Virginia. Although the closest the event will come to LA is Chico and San Francisco in December, this year’s edition showcases a critical City of Angels component.

As event co-founder Joe Pickett tells Big Hollywood’s Christia Toto, newly discovered VHS wonders include some sequel footage he and event partner Nick Pueher have been hunting down for some time now. The video in question dates back to a few years before their event’s launch in 2004:

“My personal favorite [this year] is a public access video from Los Angeles called Dancing with Frank Pacholski. This guy, Frank, shot two episodes in 1999, and we’ve had the first episode in our possession for a while. But recently we found the legendary second episode that’s 1,000 times weirder. Without giving too much away, it involves a man dancing around in Speedos, elderly people, salad dressing and raw chicken.”

Our memories of LA’s public access heyday pretty much begin and end with Driveways of the Rich and Famous. But Speedos and raw chicken definitely sounds like another pre-YouTube era winner.