2006’s Biggest Media Scandal, Bust: O.J.-Rupe-Regan Power Trio

media_awards_oj.jpg“It only lasted a fraction as long as his trial. But of all the media stories in 2006, none seemed to catch the media-consuming public and world by surprise like O.J. Simpson‘s book. It approached like a white Bronco and seemed to surrender even faster, leaving Rupert Murdoch, Judith Regan and News Corp. to scramble to hide the evidence.

The book, of course, wasn’t the only casualty: Regan was axed by HarperCollins over the affair on Friday, capping an unquestionably bizarre series of events for Murdoch’s News Corp. All of which made the Simpson saga sweep mediabistro.com’s first ever year-end awards for Media Scandal and Bust of the Year.”

TOMORROW: Media Sixth Man (Or Woman) Of The Year

  • 2006: Media’s Biggest Bust, Scandal