12 Things You Didn’t Know People Did On LinkedIn

Apparently LinkedIn, despite its reputation as a place for professionals to hang out, still attracts some world-class bozos.

On PRDaily, Jure Klepic describes some LinkedIn goofs that he’s personally witnessed.

Among them: asking for a date (really? Match.com is too hard for you?) and asking complete strangers for recommendations.

Another don’t: asking questions like the below in LinkedIn’s Q&A section (unless, of course, you’re doing some weird performance art project, which we haven’t ruled out)

Q: “I am divorcing my wife, and I own a C-class corporation. Would you tell me how to hide the corporation so that I don’t have to give that b**** half of it?”

Don’t lie on your profile, use a profile with chest hair showing, or buy contacts. Really, we think these misuses of LinkedIn are so obvious that nobody would actually do them! Or would they?