1050 ESPN/WEPN Program Director ‘Excited’ With Bloomberg Arrangement

We recently reported about the upshot in morning activity at ESPN.

First, FishbowlNY had the first word that Bloomberg Radio/WBBR would outsource a.m. drive sportscasts to ESPN. Then last week, ESPN joined forces with WABC/Channel 7 to also provide morning sports updates.

Of course, ESPN and Channel 7 are under the same Walt Disney Company umbrella.

In an effort to shed some light on the dual dawn operations, FishbowlNY got the comments of Justin Craig, 1050 ESPN/WEPN program director.

“We’re excited to partner with Bloomberg in this endeavor and to provide New York audiences a new outlet for our work to be heard,”  Craig says.

Craig tells FishbowlNY that 1050 update anchor Jared Max handles the live Bloomberg daily sports reports in addition to his ESPN duties. As a result of those responsibilities, Max is unable to anchor the 5 a.m. Bloomberg sportscasts, because he hosts a show during that hour.

As for the synergy with WABC, Craig says the TV sports reports are not directly connected to his staff. They are done from ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut or Los Angeles with a “variety of ESPN SportsCenter anchors.” 

Craig says the Channel 7 sportscasts are “recorded and fed in, essentially considered live to tape.”

Until now, WABC used potentially out-dated reports in its morning newscasts, filed by evening sports anchor Rob Powers.

“Each morning we’ve been providing fast-paced, local sports updates for ABC7,” Craig says. “This way they get the most updated information, and we gain another opportunity to get the ESPN New York 1050 and ESPN NewYork.com brand out there in a visual way. This is all part of our overall strategy to use the resources of ESPN and ABC to better serve sports fans.”

ESPN also made news last week by announcing that New York Jets broadcasts heard on 1050 would be simulcast on ESPN in Los Angeles.

Craig says once you drill down, it’s a perfect fit for ESPN and the Jets.

“We’re always looking to expand the Jets radio affiliation base. This made natural sense with the Mark Sanchez connection to USC and 710 being the home for USC football, and with the latest push for an NFL team to return to LA, the appetite for football is an ever increasing one.” Craig says. “Again, it’s all about serving sports fans whenever and wherever we can.”