10,000 Words is working without a "NET"

A quick check of recent Technorati backlinks (and more specifically the great blog Old Dog, New Media) revealed that many people were referring to the blog as “10,000words.net,” rather than its actual title of “10,000 Words.” It quickly became apparent that the problem was that the old logo incorporated “.NET” into the name.

This was initially done for branding purposes and to differentiate between this site and 10000words.com. But thanks to readers like you who have spread the word about this nifty little blog, the time has come for 10,000 Words to grow up and lose the “.net.”

Congrats to Alex Gamela (check out his blog here) for winning the twontest and a $10 Amazon gift certificate by spotting the recent change. Join in on the fun by following 10,000 Words on Twitter.

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