#1 on Our Year-End List of Most Interesting Year-End Lists: Album Visualization


Now here’s how to put together a year end list: our friend Michael Surtees“My Top 20 Albums of 2007 Visualized.” Instead of going the usual route of listing and then giving reasons why (which he does do, down the page), he also offers up a really cool diagram, charting the albums’ correlation with podcasts and radio shows and splitting the date down the center, from where they were heard during the year. It’s pretty cool, and we’re sure, based on the comments he’s received, that were he to put together some simple web-based program where users could assemble their own “album visualizations,” he’d be the king of the internet for as long as those things tend to last (anywhere from ten minutes to two full days — just before another baby panda sneezes and someone catches it on video, robbing him of his crown).