Worst 2012 Olympic Mascot? Dow's Faceless Hedge Man

'Hopeiary' annoys London athletes

Meet the new faceless face of chemical conglomerate Dow. He (it?) is a giant green biped made of hedges, created by Draftfcb in Chicago. He goes to London and helps Olympic athletes train, mostly by getting in their way. He symbolizes the planet, which the ad points out, has "its own Olympic dream"—which is, not getting completely destroyed by humans. Of course, the planet doesn't actually have that dream. Planets don't dream, or walk around as anthropomorphic shrubs. Not destroying the planet is a dream people have, because they want to keep living on it. Incidentally, not all of them are feeling so happy-go-lucky about Dow's role in the Games, mostly because of a dispute over the extent of its responsibility for the long-term effects of a devastating 1984 gas leak at an Indian pesticide factory, owned by a company Dow has since acquired. Dow's environmental history is otherwise checkered. In recent years it's earned EPA accolades for improvement, and paid EPA fines for past lapses. Anyway, it might want to consider a different Olympic mascot (he's actually called Hopeiary … groan), if only because this one is pretty ridiculous.