The World’s Largest QR Code (aka the World’s Biggest Waste of Time)

Skanz is a big believer in the technology

To the dismay of art directors and aesthetes everywhere, QR codes seem to be gaining steam. Now, Skanz, a tech startup that links personalized scannable bar codes to a user's social-network contact info and then prints them on such stunning fashion essentials as these silicone bracelets, claims to have created the world's largest QR code—80 gallons of paint covering 10,000 square feet. We're not convinced about the staying power of the so-called QR craze, and so this seems like an awful lot of work for a questionable payoff. With this spot, Skanz has also managed to latch onto another thread in the advertising zeitgeist—jumping out of airplanes. On the bright side: Even if the codes prove to be a passing fad, they'll regret their stunt far less than this guy will his. UPDATE: As a commenter points out below, Skanz's code apparently has some competition for the dubious honor of being "the world's largest." Last week, a Charlotte, N.C., art-and-tech collective finished its own 10,000-square-foot code on the roof of a local scrap yard. "This one doesn't have that much of a practical purpose, other than it's a fun project and it beats sitting around watching TV," its creator admits to a local NBC affiliate. Points for honesty there, but there's really only one way to solve this: Whip out your rulers, gents. 

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