Winklevoss Twins, Khloe Kardashian Star in New Pistachio Ads

Angry Birds and Mr. Bill, too

Let's call an advertising moratorium on any campaign that stars a Kardashian. Please? Even if it's the tall, husky-voiced one who looks like a drag queen. It's possible, though not likely, that Khloe Kardashian and her Los Angeles Laker husband Lamar Odom will get lost in the flood of new celebrity spots for Wonderful Pistachios, considering that Kermit the frog, the Winklevoss twins, Crystal the Hangover 2 monkey, and Mr. Bill are all involved. And Angry Birds! That has to trump a Kardashian. Paramount Farms intends to drop $30 million to run these latest "Get Crackin'" spots over the next four months on high-profile shows like the Dancing With the Stars premiere, the Emmys and The X Factor. Beyond TV, there's a promo partnership with the upcoming Muppets movie and a themed Angry Birds game—with pistachio product placement! Keyboard cat will return, too, as will Snooki and Charlie Brown. At least it's a step up from Rod Blagojevich. More spots after the jump.