Why Martha Stewart Is Using Tito's to Clean Her Home This January

The brand teams up with the lifestyle guru to share the many creative ways you can use its vodka

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With the new year in full swing, many people are already partaking in Dry January, the month-long challenge where some people choose to abstain from alcohol.

As a way to provide a creative alternative for the use of Tito’s vodka, the brand teamed up with entrepreneur and DIY expert Martha Stewart to launch “DIY January,” a campaign that demonstrates how you can still use Tito’s without drinking it and get some household tasks done in the new year. The month-long campaign features a spot and a limited-edition collection of “DIY January” bottle-topper attachments for those that want to try out the household tasks. The “DIY January” bottle-topper attachments include the “deodorizer” to spray musty fabrics, the “flavorizer” used to make pasta sauce and the “cleanerizer” to clean off surfaces.

As part of the campaign Tito’s, in collaboration with creative agency Arts & Letters Creative Co., released a 60-second spot starring Stewart as she calls on those partaking in Dry January to get crafty. The spot follows Stewart as she demonstrates the use of Tito’s in everyday household tasks such as getting rid of musty smells, giving pasta sauce a little extra kick and a variety of other creative and humorous ways to use the vodka besides drinking it. The ad ends with Stewart encouraging others to try out these DIY tips and tricks…with a freshly made martini in her hand.

“We understand that Tito’s drinkers might choose to opt out of drinking this month to partake in Dry January, and we support them in doing that,” Taylor Berry, vp of brand marketing at Tito’s Handmade Vodka, said in a statement.

Arts & Letters Creative Co., Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Ringing in the new year

Since the trend of participating in Dry January has increased in recent years, more spirit brands such as Molson Coors’ Miller64 and Heineken are joining in with their own creative campaigns focused on providing consumers with a happy medium or an alternative alcohol-free style of enjoying their favorite brands.

“We’ll still be here when February rolls around, but we wanted to offer up some helpful alternate ways to use our vodka until then,” Berry said in a statement. “And if you decide Dry January or ‘DIY January’ is not for you? That’s ok, we support Dry Martini January as well.”

You can view the spot on the brand’s YouTube channel and can purchase the bottle toppers on the brand’s dedicated website, with all net proceeds going to the customer’s choice of nonprofit that the brand has teamed up with.

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