Wendy’s New ‘Where’s the Beef?’ Ads Not That Tasty

Old line has trouble feeling fresh

Wendy's has finally debuted its first new TV spots with the revived "Where's the beef?" as a marketing slogan. And while the improved burgers do look tasty, the ads, from The Kaplan Thaler Group, are far less substantial. The problem is, the phrase "Where's the beef?" has been used and abused so many times since its first appearance in 1984, it's lost any trace of a literal meaning. And the new ads don't really help salvage it. In one spot, actor Reid Ewing of Modern Family finds a "Where's the beef?" shirt at a thrift store and then wears it around town while people randomly shout the slogan at him. There's really not much else to it. (And it's a :60!) In another ad, posted after the jump, Wendy Thomas herself makes her first extended appearance as a spokesperson for the chain founded by her father, Dave Thomas. While less interesting in premise, that spot is probably the more successful of the two because it's asking you to care only about a new burger, not a slogan that hasn't been about burgers since Reagan's first term in office.