Was TV the key to baby boomer greatness?

For all of you who think AdFreak is obsessed only with Marian Salzman, here’s a note about another high-profile ad lady, Linda Kaplan Thaler. Kaplan Thaler yesterday brought to the attention of tanned, taut-beyond-their-years Angelenos that perhaps the “Greater Generation,” aka baby boomers, are not as great as they’ve been led to believe, via this op-ed in the L.A. Times. In fact, maybe the primary reason boomers think they’re so great is that they were the first to have their every milestone broadcast on national TV, spawning a generation of navel-gazing hula-hoopers. And advertising played no small role. Now, they’re enjoying self-important Ameriprise ads with lines crediting them for “giving new meaning to the meaningful relationship,” but overlooking the one-in-two divorce rate. My favorite line: “By the way, when did we all start having restless leg syndrome? Must have happened from sitting too long watching ourselves age on the tube.”

—Posted by Deanna Zammit