A Vote for Hillary Is Largely a Vote Against Trump, Says This Slam Poet’s Hard-Hitting Ad

IN-Q's politics in verse

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

What happens when celebrated slam poet, songwriter and rapper IN-Q turns his attention to the current political scene? A lyrical slicing and dicing of Donald Trump without ever saying the candidate's name.

In a stripped-down, black-and-white video released Thursday, the spoken-word artist says he's not only voting for his politician of choice, he's voting against her opponent. "This is the most important vote I'll ever cast/At least I'll have a clean conscience when my grandchildren ask," he says in the short film from Los Angeles ad agency Audience X.

Its launch aims to amp up the visibility of National Voter Registration Day next Tuesday and reach out to new potential voters, particularly millennials.

IN-Q (short for In-Question)—a veteran of TEDx Hollywood, the Cannes Lions festival (where he performed at a Y&R dinner this past June) and HBO's Def Poetry Jam—refers to Trump as a "sociopath" and a "great villain," and urges voters to be heroes by keeping him out of the Oval Office.

The four-minute vignette comes from cinematographer Dion Beebe (an Oscar winner for Memoirs of a Geisha) and director Unjoo Moon.

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