Visa Ad Honors Phelps as 'Most Decorated Olympian'

Congratulatory spot airs after his 19th medal

By winning his 19th Olympic medal yesterday, Michael Phelps didn't just secure the title of "History's Greatest Olympian." He also earned an honor everyone on Earth has always wished for: A personal message of congratulations in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Visa's quick-turnaround spot, part of TBWAChiatDay's real-time campaign for the global sponsor, aired on NBC after midnight last night. It includes footage from the performance that landed the record-breaking medal, as well as clips of fans cheering from home, collected through a promotion on the brand's Facebook page. Yes, such rapid-response advertising is a bit of marketing gimmickry (one also used four years ago to honor the same guy). But it's also a well-deserved sentiment. So yeah, congratulations, Michael.