'Two and a Half Men' Now More Naked With Ashton Kutcher

Hands up right now: Which red-blooded American women out there never ever want to see Jon Cryer naked? How about his young Two and a Half Men costar, Angus T. Jones? No. I repeat, NO. Couldn't you keep your pants on, guys? The addition of of Nikon spokesman and pratfall specialist Ashton Kutcher to the cast of the CBS series means a lot of things—mainly that the show will go on making tired, obvious, hackneyed jokes for at least another year. But it also has wrought this—an ad campaign for the first post-Charlie-Sheen season. And there's lots of buzz about it. Because they're nekked? Well, that's a good place to start, because it's a promise (or rather, a threat) that the pseudo-raunchy comedy won't deliver on. (It airs on a broadcast network after all). But I'm equally confused by the Photoshopping. If these guys looked like this, they'd be 8 feet tall—circus-freak, Avatar size, if you will. Anyone who can make sense of this, or that befuddled look on Cryer's face, please share.