Toys R Us Freaks Out as 4 Out of 5 Kids Don’t Know Its Old Jingle

Facebook contest aims to fix that pronto

It was once an inescapable earworm that squirmed into almost every Saturday-morning commercial break. But the Toys R Us jingle has apparently lost its hold on America's youth. In a video promoting a new Facebook promotion, which you can watch below, the chain reports that 80 percent of kids do not know the words to the jingle—an educational lapse our nation clearly must rectify. The awkwardly named "I'm a Toys R Us Kid – Sing 'R' Song Sweepstakes" invites families to submit video clips of children singing the 1980s jingle for a chance at a $2,500 shopping spree or other prizes. For a nice retro flashback, watch the original ad after the jump, and keep an eye out for appearances by future stars Jaleel "Urkel" White, Lindsay Price of Beverly Hills 90210 and Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis.