Tic Tacs Are Little Adrenaline Junkies in The Martin Agency’s Charming Ads

Big excitement for the mini mints

They're tiny hard candies that may be small enough to fit between your thumb and forefinger, but they're still packed with adventure, says a fun new campaign from The Martin Agency.

Anthropomorphic Tic Tacs experience Hollywood-level excitement in four 30-second web spots, featuring miniature worlds wherein mints wear human garb and enjoy human experiences, like cage diving with sharks, riding barrels over the top of waterfalls, jumping classic sports cars over the Grand Canyon and piloting rocket ships to Mars.

Part of the brand's clever "Go Little" positioning (almost like a modern-day version of "Think Small"), the clips are completely ridiculous, and thoroughly enjoyable—stupid and carefree, yet somehow on message.

The writing is clear and simple, with appropriately minor bits of suspense built into each spot. (Will the diminutive green daredevil stick the landing, or explode against the cliff face?) The visuals don't disappoint, either, with charming detail on all the bite-sized models and inviting backdrops. (The spots were directed by Jeff Boddy of Martin's production partner Hue&Cry.)

And that's not to mention the cheesy, retro-TV-style intros. "In a big world … dare to be little," barks the voiceover. Meanwhile, even the campaign's name, "Little Adventures," is aptly on-the-nose. (Stories filmed in miniature are often adorable when done well. See also: McCann New York's amusing work for French Toast Crunch.)

Overall, the point is clear, without having to say it in so many words: Tic Tacs, the heroes in these stories, are, perhaps counterintuitively, packed with flavor. The real question, then, becomes: If eating one is tantamount to space travel, what happens when you pour a dozen into your mouth?


Client: Tic Tac

VP of Marketing: Todd Midura

Marketing Director: Dan Cutchin

Agency: The Martin Agency

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander

Group Creative Director: Danny Robinson

Associate Creative Director: John Szalay

Senior Designer: Todd Hippensteel

Copywriter II: Mark Habke

Executive Broadcast Producer: Letitia Jacobs

Associate Broadcast Producer: Emily Goodman

Junior Broadcast Producer: Nicolette Steele

Business Affairs Supervisor: Suzanne Wieringo

Senior Production Business Manager: Kelly Clow

Group Account Director: Darren Foot

Account Supervisor: Stephanie Brummell

Account Executive: Lauren Dushkoff

Project Manager: Hayley Soohoo

Senior Community Manager: Ari Sneider

Planning Director, UX Strategy: Meg Riley

Planning Director, Strategic Planning: Elizabeth Cleveland

Production Company: Hue&Cry

Director: Jeff Boddy

Creative Director: Magnus Hierta

Executive Producer: Joe Montalbano

Producer: Colleen Hopkins

Production Coordinator: Abbey Reddington

Storyboard Artist: Timo Prousalis

Assistant Editor: Andrea De Leon

Designer: Shannon Rollins

Animators: Liam Ward, Timo Prousalis, Andrea De Leon

Set Design Company: Nix + Gerber

Set Designers: Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber

Live-Action Shoot: The Branching

Executive Producer: Lucas Krost

Producer: Alexandra Krost

Director of Photography: Thomas Bingham

Production Coordinator: Adela Satrova

1st AC: Tony Summerlin

2nd AC: Jack Payne

Media Manager: Rex Teese

Gaffer: Chris Thompson

Key Grip: Mike Flinn

Swing: Patrick McLynn

Production Assistant: Alex Delarosa

Offline Postproduction House: Running with Scissors

Head of Production – Brian Creech

Editor – Danny Reidy

Online Postproduction House: Running with Scissors

Colorist: Drew Neuhart

Flame Artist: Chris Hagen

Music Company: Tiny Lion

Composer: Tiny Lion

Mix company: Rainmaker

Mixer: Mike O'Conner

@GabrielBeltrone gabriel.beltrone@gmail.com Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.