This KFC Gravy Candle Will Give Your Home the Rich, Meaty Aromatherapy It Deserves

Agency Mother expands on its KFChill sensory experience

Only 230 are being made, and yet there are 7 billion people on Earth. How can such a thing be rationed? KFC
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For just a moment, imagine yourself finally crossing the threshold of your home after a particularly trying day. You settle into your softest pajamas, turn on some soothing music, and light your favorite scented candle. Before long, you’re embraced by a comforting aroma: the unmistakable fragrance of KFC’s signature gravy.

If any aspect of that scenario seemed wildly out of place (was it the PJs?), then you may not be a part of the beloved condiment’s rather fervent fandom. However, for gravy lovers in the U.K.—where many families have actually incorporated KFC’s gravy into their traditional holiday feasts—this might actually seem like the perfect method of melting away the day’s stress.

And for a few lucky fans of the fast food chain, this could become a delicious-smelling reality.

KFC and agency Mother have created a very real, limited edition scented candle for the true gravy enthusiast, and it will soon be available on a first come, first serve basis. “You’re not dreaming,” says KFC U.K. and Ireland in a statement. “You really can now fill your home with the incredible aroma of KFC gravy with this limited edited candle. It’s staggeringly nose stimulating.”

A select number of winners can land themselves one of only 230 candles by entering a contest on the dedicated website. The expertly infused candle is being released in conjunction with the chain’s Gravy Mega Box and the KFChill experience, an ASMR-esque hub that allows you to relax to the calming sounds of chicken frying, tumbling fries and, of course, simmering gravy. It may seem strange, but as the site cleverly insinuates, the sound of chicken frying in oil actually resonates similarly to that of falling rain.

This isn’t the fried chicken titan’s first foray into relaxation. In 2016, a fried chicken-scented candle was released in New Zealand, and the following year, a similarly scented bath bomb was made available in Japan. To each their own, right?

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.