These Sly Ads Show the Key Difference Between a New and Refurbished iPhone

A few hundred dollars could switch your perspective

back market refurbished iphone ads
Opt for a refurbished iPhone and get closer to the action in these Back Market ads. Back Market
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We all know refurbished smartphones and other hardware are cheaper options than buying the newest gadgets off the shelf, but many also assume those savings must come at a cost of quality.

In fact, 52% of French consumers are skeptical of the reliability and quality of refurbished equipment, according to Paris-based Back Market, a large online marketplace for used tech. That stat is obviously a problem for a company that wants to make refurbished tech a mainstream preference.

To convey that refurbished smartphones can save you a bunch of money without sacrificing features or dependability, Back Market has launched a new ad campaign created by French agency Marcel.

As Apple prepares for a special announcement event this Tuesday, Back Market is pushing out ads playing off the tech giant’s long-running “Shot on iPhone” campaign. This time, it’s about how the perspective of your photo can change quite a bit if you save a few hundred dollars by opting for a refurbished phone.

As mentioned, it’s not a coincidence that these out-of-home ads are hitting this week. On Tuesday, Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone 11 line, along with some new iterations of the iPhone XS that was unveiled this time last year.

With most of the updates likely involving incremental camera improvements (a phrase you certainly won’t hear come out of the mouth of CEO Tim Cook), this generation could mark a good time to upgrade for those who never made the leap from the iPhone 6, 7 or 8. For some, that will mean jumping right to the hottest new device. For others, that’ll mean a visit to Back Market.

Client: Back Market
Chief Marketing Officer: Guillaume Rouby
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Vianney Vaute

Agency: Marcel
Co-CEOs: Pascal Nessim, Charles Georges-Picot
Partner, Head of global business: Christophe Neyret
Executive Creative Directors: Gaëtan du Peloux, Youri Guerassimov
Art Director: Vincent Boursaud
Copywriter: Virgile Lasalle
Associate Director: Sébastien Jauffret Project Managers: Lucas Sengler, Flavie Parize Print Producer: Suzanne Peirera
Graphic Artist: Christophe Gillon
Strategic Planner: Romain Brignier

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