The More You Donate to This Nonprofit to Help Sick Children, the More Colorful Its Ad Gets

Brighten Max's day, quite literally

An inventive new fundraising campaign uses interactive video to show how donating money to support children with congenital heart disease can bring more joy into their lives.

An animated video on nonprofit Little Mended Hearts’ website Give a Fuller Life opens on Max, a boy whose world is quite literally devoid of anything—including color. As the viewer taps a series of buttons on the side of the screen—each one pledging more money to the cause—Max’s world gets a little fuller, and a little brighter, as he’s joined by family and friends and animals in a vibrant world that literally appears under his feet, and all around him.

It’s a sweet little conceit, which leverages technology to give participants an unusual tactile and immediate sense of gratification and empowerment. You can literally see the good deed improving the life of a child, even a metaphorical fictional one, drawing a straighter-than-usual line from the act of parting with money to its positive impact.

In fact, the story isn’t entirely fictional—that is to say, it was inspired by an actual kid named Max, who received help from Mended Little Hearts. While exactly what form that help took isn’t clear, the organization describes its mission as “to empower families affected by congenital heart disease (CHDs) through peer-to-peer support services, education, connecting families with resources, creating awareness and advocacy.”

The blank white background that serves as the baseline of Max’s world is a familiar device, but the ability to manually layer on top of it in real time offers an engaging twist beyond classic cartoon tropes.

Saatchi & Saatchi New York worked on the campaign. Production company Blacklist and animation house Studio AKA helped create the visuals and website, which in addition to being endearing, are, in service to their ultimate goal, ensnaring. By the time you’ve reached the end of the video, you’ve already promised to donate $10, and it’s not much further to just hit that PayPal button.

Because only a callous liar would renege at that point, right?

Client: Mended Little Hearts
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York
Production: Blacklist / Studio AKA
Director: Steve Small
Studio AKA Producer: Sharon Titmarsh
Blacklist Producer: Solana Payne
Blacklist Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk

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