TechMagic Podcast: VR Under the Christmas Tree and AI for Historical Preservation

Plus, guest Lydia Kostopoulos, founder of Abundance Studio

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On this week’s episode, Cathy Hackl and guest host Lee Kebler discuss how educators are incorporating artificial intelligence into homework assignments, prompting Hackl to emphasize the importance of parents engaging in conversations with their children about AI. Notably, the EU takes the spotlight as the first governing body to enact laws regulating artificial intelligence.

Shifting gears, the hosts explore an intriguing New York Times article that explores the concept of using AI to communicate with the deceased. Hackl highlights the potential of AI in historical preservation, citing examples such as language and dance preservation.

The conversation takes a playful turn as Hackl and Kebler discuss the success of the Fortnite x Lego collaboration. Kebler suggests that the collaboration’s trailer serves as a nudge for parents to join their kids in playing Fortnite. Hackl echoes the sentiment, advocating for parents to actively participate in gaming experiences with their children, revealing her plans to play Fortnite with her kids during the upcoming holiday season.

Venturing into the realm of virtual reality, Kebler shares his experience with the Nintendo Virtual Boy, while also noting the remarkable Black Friday sales of Meta Quests, which outsold AirPods. The hosts discuss the rapid adoption of virtual reality technology by Gen Z and Gen Alpha, pondering whether the trend of VR headsets under the Christmas tree is a fad or a glimpse into the future. Kebler predicts that VR and electronic ink displays will gain significant traction in 2024 and beyond.

To cap off the episode, Hackl interviews Lydia Kostopoulos, the founder of Abundance Studio and a seasoned strategy and emerging technology adviser. Kostopoulos shares her insights into how emerging technologies can benefit clients, rounding out an episode filled with diverse and thought-provoking discussions.

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