TechMagic Podcast: Apple’s AI Update and Weird Pet Tech From CES

Guest hosts Kebler and Snyder talk about Apple Vision Pro updates and the possibility of AI teaching soft skills

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In this week’s episode, host Cathy Hackl is at the World Economic Forum in Davos. She’ll share more next week when she’s back on the podcast.

In this episode guest host Lee Kebler and producer, Lily Snyder take over hosting duty to discuss the week of AI. Between the Consumer Electronic Show and Davos World Economic Forum, artificial intelligence is on everyone’s minds. Kebler and Snyder reminisce about Palm Pilots and tech gadgets before smartphones. They also discuss the benefits of a device like the Rabbit R1. They discuss if tech gadgets are a fad or the future. 

Next, Kebler and Snyder talk about Apple Vision Pro updates. Apple is insistent that the Vision Pro be called “spatial computing,” not VR. They talk about developers’ reactions and if the Vision Pro could be a positive rebrand for virtual reality. In other virtual reality news, Rec Room is set to roll out full-body avatars. 

The focus shifts to AI and Apple’s new, advanced multimodal system called Ferret, which excels beyond Chat GPT-4 in computer vision tasks. They discuss the possibility of AI teaching soft skills. A university in Michigan enrolled two AI students to participate in courses. Kebler and Snyder talk about the U.K.’s antitrust agency and AI, plus the possibility of AI bringing back the metaverse.

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