Tech Geeks Finally Finding Dance Partners Thanks to Kinect

After Microsoft's Xbox Kinect launched last year, geeks and artists didn't waste much time hacking the motion-reading technology so they could play around with blending physical movement and digital graphics. John Watkinson, co-founder of mobile development shop and Google collaborator Larva Labs, puts in a notable effort with this particular project. His jawless doppelganger is from Androidify, a promotional app that Larva developed with Google Creative Labs that generates personalized avatars in the style of the platform's robot mascot. (Thomas Gayno, a marketing manager at the latter shop, had a hand in this video, per director of strategy Ben Malbon's blog). Watkinson's heartfelt, dubious dancing seems justified by the fact that there's already a second version of himself at his side mocking every arm-waving, crotch-grabbing move—and thus sparing us the trouble. Laugh with Watkinson, or laugh at him. Either way, it's pretty funny.