Sony Pictures helps you lose pesky virginity


This week's little bit of manufactured controversy comes courtesy of Sony Pictures, which is it promoting its upcoming movie The Virginity Hit by putting the phrase "Still a virgin?" on outdoor boards, bus shelters and subway walls across the country. (You can see the movie's trailer below.) For a low-budget comedy with no recognizable actors, this is a pretty smart move, as illustrated by the fact that the ads are being shared via cell phone on the Facebook and Twitter feeds of almost everyone who sees them. Regardless of your V-card status, you're bound to be disappointed if you actually call the "help line" promoted in the ads. It's basically just a toll-free phone tree with options like "Press 3 if you don't know if you're a virgin or not." The movie's two main characters then dispense tips for getting action, and it's worth about what you paid for it. Photo credit: Deadline New York.