SNL Piles On by Ruthlessly Mocking Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads

Kate McKinnon is a perfect clone

You gotta hand it to Biebs. He had the balls to show his (heavily Photoshopped) nuts to the world in the latest ads for Calvin Klein underpants.

But given the kid's—aherm—the man's previous indiscretions, it's tough to take anything he does seriously. Well, unless you're 12 years old, lacking all of your olfactory senses or on a bath-salt-induced face-eating spirit quest. 

On this weekend's Saturday Night Live, viewers were treated to yet another brilliant parody of an infamous ad bouncing around the zeitgeist. Master impressionist Kate McKinnon lampoons the crap out of the teen idol and likely future-best-friend-of-Donald-Trump, mugging for the camera like a teen girl posing for her own selfie.

"Yo. My pee-pee's in there," she says, making childish references to her package while leg-humping like a horny tween all over Cecily Strong (playing model Lara Stone).

Take a look above at this genius illustration of what the world really thinks of these ads—surely J.B. is sitting at home in his Calvins, flattered by this sincerely great imitation.

For his part, Bieber was a good sport and took the skewering in stride: