Shannen Doherty rocks random infomercial


Ye of little faith—you thought Shannen Doherty's best work was behind her. (Say, that string of TV movies she did in the '90s.) But you're wrong. Take a gander, if you will, at the video below, and see if the former fit-throwing 90210 diva doesn't have chops. (This sounds like snark, but I'm actually serious.) And for those who'd say that appearing in branded entertainment paid for by the Better Sleep Council is scraping the bottom of the barrel, I'll just mention that tons of Hollywood actors like Jason Bateman, Marisa Tomei and Will Arnett are working with marketers on original online content, too. This particular ad series, dubbed "Suite 7" (the short-form videos are designed to "entertain and heighten the awareness of the link between the mattress and overall sleep health"), also stars another 90210 ex, Brian Austin Green, as well as Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes and Illeana Douglas, who has already created a much-lauded online series for Ikea called "Easy to Assemble." So, give Shannen a break, haters. Better this than Christmas Caper 2.