See the Quietly Lovely Norwegian Ad That Got 120 Million Views in a Week

The story of 'The Lunchbox'

We’ve heard it takes a village to raise a child, and a heartwarming spot is using that adage to find foster families in Norway.

“The Lunchbox” opens on a familiar scene of schoolchildren eating lunch. But one boy’s lunchbox is empty, so he kills time by wandering the halls and stopping at the water fountain before heading back to his classroom.

As he goes to put his seemingly empty lunchbox away, he realizes it’s surprisingly heavy and opens it to reveal a full lunch.

The loveliest touch on this ad happens now, as the boy examines the contents of his lunch and looks around the room to realize several of his classmates have each contributed portions of their own lunch to share with their friend.

The spot by ad agency Kitchen in Oslo, Norway—a joint venture of Leo Burnett and Publicis—is beautiful and simple, and part of a larger campaign for the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

Aimed at recruiting more Norwegian foster homes, the ad portrays the power of community. And it’s certainly getting its share of attention—to the tune of almost 120 million Facebook views in the seven days since its release.

Lovely and effective work by the Kitchen team.

Client – Bufdir
Elisabeth Ørving – Director of communication

Kitchen Leo Burnett
Bendik Romstad – Copywriter
Ole Henrik Stubberud – Art Director
Heidi Evans – Account Manager
Tom Andersson – Planner
Hans Moe – Account Director

Einar Film
Jens Lien – Director
Halvor Lid – Producer

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