Samsung’s Tweet About Skipping Out on Rent: Funny or Dumb?

Lots of brands imply that you should scrimp on the essentials to afford their pricy products, but Samsung has the balls to come out and say it. In a tweet Wednesday, Samsung Camera USA wrote, "Did you pay your #rent today? Not yet? Go get a camera! I'm sure everything will work itself out!"—followed by a link to a $200 WiFi digital camera. We actually found it pretty funny (though it would be funnier if it linked to this $700 camera). But many on Twitter found it in poor taste. "Your ad is terrible and completely out of touch with the current economy," noted Anna Bourland of California. Others chose the pithier path of "#facepalm," "#ShitTweet" and "WHAAAAA." (Check out a screenshot of responses after the jump, along with a video for the camera hawked in the tweet.) So, what do you think? Was this tweet snarky to the point of insensitive, or does Samsung deserve some credit for actually saying something worth blogging about? Hat tip to Kacy Maxwell