Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin Toast an 84-Year-Old Leap Baby for Finally Turning 21

She's finally legal to drink—but unsure why some actor cares

Arlene Manko drinking an alcoholic beverage next to a birthday cake with 2 and 1 candles and a bottle of Aviation Gin
Arlene Manko, born in 1936, is finally getting her first legal drink, courtesy of some guy named Ryan Reynolds. Aviation Gin
Headshot of David Griner

Just about every teen feels like it takes forever to turn 21, but Arlene Manko’s wait for a legal drink puts the rest of us to shame.

On Saturday, Feb. 29, Manko’s body will turn 84, but technically she’ll just be turning 21.  A Leap Day baby, she’s only been able to celebrate her birthday every four years, meaning she’s just now officially reaching the legal drinking age.

Ryan Reynolds, owner of Aviation Gin and a master marketer who leaps on just about every timely excuse for a fun ad, has created a special video celebrating Manko’s birthday and making sure that Aviation is her first legal drink. (Although since it was filmed before her birthday, doesn’t this mean he was abetting a minor? How strong is our extradition treaty with Canada?)

Aviation Gin ads have become pretty frequent on the advertising landscape—with the brand’s Peloton parody being named one of the best ads of 2019 by Adweek and Aviation also winning our 2019 March Adness brand bracket.

But this time around, there’s an interesting change: Maximum Effort, the content studio Reynolds cofounded with creative partner George Dewey, collaborated with agency 160over90, formerly known as Endeavor Global Marketing.

Per usual, the spot launched via Reynolds’ social media channels. Much like last year’s Peloton sendup, he doesn’t appear in the ad this time around, though this time he does narrate—and take a moment to allow a nice jab at his ego.

Agencies: Maximum Effort and 160over90
Director and Editor: Bryan Rowland
Producer: Alec Eskander, Escape Velocity
Creative Team: Ryan Reynolds, Vera Keiter, Delilah Kim, George Dewey, Kelly Girth, Ryan Wagman and Rajiv Lahens

@griner david.griner@adweek.com David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."