Rob Lowe Mocks Hollywood Horror for Butterfinger

After almost 30 years of churning out Hollywood flicks, Rob Lowe has more insight than most into the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the movie business. For the past two months, he's been using some of that experience to hawk candy bars for Butterfinger. That means starring in—and helping to shape—a series of "making-of" teaser videos promoting a short, mock-horror, branded film called Butterfinger the 13th, which Lowe will direct, set for release in October to boost the brand's Halloween payday. The tongue-in-cheek skits play around with choice Tinseltown stereotypes, with varying degrees of success. In the newest episode, we learn that brunette starlets are completely ditzy and prone to sleeping with their agents. Earlier installments revealed that, contrary to popular wisdom, blonde starlets are only half ditzy, but really do struggle terribly with subtext; young male thespians are likely to be coddled by creepily overbearing mothers; and brainstorming sessions with horror screenwriters consist mainly of kicking around moronic if amusing ideas that end up going nowhere. It remains to be seen whether the film itself, which will be distributed via a partnership with Sony on the studio's Crackle and Fearnet platforms, will be remotely entertaining. Still, Lowe has bested the rather uninspired efforts of the brand's previous celebrity face, Seth Green. But he still has a ways to go to match the irreverence of the brand's classic spokesman, Bart Simpson.