Quaker Oats Man Gets Makeover to Look Healthier

Larry loses his double chin and gets a haircut

It's not just fashion models and aging actresses who are getting nipped and tucked these days. Even Larry the Quaker Oats guy is getting some touch-ups. Hornall Anderson, Quaker's brand-design firm, has made the character's face thinner and trimmed his hair in the new Quaker Oats logo, The Wall Street Journal reports. (Old version is at left, new at right.) They removed his double chin and de-plumped his face and neck. "We took about five pounds off him," says Hornall Anderson's vice president of design, Michael Connors. Consumers today associate oatmeal—and particularly the 134-year-old PepsiCo brand—with "energy and healthy choices," the design firm says, so it made sense for Larry to get in a little better shape. He hasn't gotten younger, per se—the crow's feet around his eyes remain, for example. The "goal is not to have anyone notice that he is different," says Connors.